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The Creator

Grant developed The Minority as an outlet to showcase his designs and other creative pursuits. His art is mostly a reflection of his upbringing in New York. He believes clothing is a direct representation of one's individuality. Clothing by The Minority originates mostly from his resourcefulness. We need more options in the market, simply put, and Grant is offering a solution.

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The Commitment

Streetwear has lost the essence it used to have. It was not always about hype and profit. Streetwear used to foster community and fellowship. The purpose of this brand is to give people another way out, a future where you don't fall victim to the ads, bots, and parasites trying to sell you a false promise. 



We are in partnership with Los Angeles Apparel for all our blanks. They are committed to producing the highest quality and environmentally friendly garments on the market.Please view product page for more specific information.